Thursday, February 28, 2008


Having a four week old newborn, sleep is at a premium around our house lately and Baby Roland, like many babies, sleeps best when wrapped up tight. Unfortunately, I have traditionally been the worst swaddler around, with Aaron a close second - although he seems to be developing mad skills lately. I've seen blankets specially designed for this in various parenting magazines and we went out searching. We purchased a cute little swaddling blanket with velcro and whatnot from Target. I said, "we'll try it out on him for 10 minutes and see if we like it enough to keep it." Two minutes later Roley spit up all over it. After subsequent washing and several more trials - we were not thrilled with this blanket. It seemed too big, the velcro parts didn't match up, baby's legs popped out a lot, etc.

Then I was at a specialty store here in Mesa, Baby, Mom, & More, when I spotted this blanket by Kiddopotamus - which is actually the one I've seen in the magazines. And I was pleasantly suprised to find it was only $13 and actually came in different sizes. I bought it to try out and am addicted! I don't think I'll be able to live without it anymore and will be giving this as a baby shower gift from now on. It has a better feet pouch, including a slit to slide through car seat/bouncer/swing straps, and it fits my baby, which means the velcro hits in all the right places and keeps his arms in. Hallelujah, sleep for all!

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Anonymous said...

I used these also and loved them.

What About Mom? said...

i love swaddling. am all about the swaddling.

i also tried a cheap-ish type easy swaddler, think it was from walmart? and had all the same problems with velcro not lining up, etc.

i'll have to try the kiddopotamus version next time, but so far, a yard square of jersey knit cotton works really well too.

love the format of daily delight -- the one big image and then just a paragraph or two explaining it. very focused and elegant.

Jeni said...

We just used flannel receiving blankets to swaddle our daughter - we layered two to make sure she was stuck in there!

I tried the cheap one from Target, and because the material was so stretchy, she squirmed right out of it every time.

Aaron said...

Baby Burritos rule!